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Answer OPENFIRE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

'Shoot!'OPENFIRE 8
Chestnuts' site, in songOPENFIRE 8
Combat-commencing commandOPENFIRE 8
Something to gather aroundOPENFIRE 8
Beach party sightOPENFIRE 8
Forest safety concernOPENFIRE 8
Order to gunnersOPENFIRE 8
Pull the triggerOPENFIRE 8
Where chestnuts roastOPENFIRE 8
Where chestnuts roastedOPENFIRE 8
Begin shootingOPENFIRE 8
Begin to attackOPENFIRE 8
Start a barrageOPENFIRE 8
Start attackingOPENFIRE 8
Start shootingOPENFIRE 8

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