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60's-70's gallery hangingsOPART 5
1960s painting movementOPART 5
'60s painting movementOPART 5
'60s painting styleOPART 5
60's poster genreOPART 5
lllusions at a galleryOPART 5
"Perceptual abstraction"OPART 5
"The Responsive Eye" exhibition, e.g.OPART 5
Genre characterized by its illusion of movementOPART 5
Pictures that may be difficult to focus onOPART 5
Visual movement popularized in the 1960sOPART 5
Work that gives the illusion of movementOPART 5
Abstract form prominent in the '60sOPART 5
Abstract painting style of the '60sOPART 5
Abstract style popular in the '60sOPART 5
Genre that plays tricks on your eyesOPART 5
It often employs geometric patternsOPART 5
It's usually nonrepresentationalOPART 5
Movement that inspired '60s fashionOPART 5
Movement that might leave you reelingOPART 5
Outgrowth of geometrical abstraction with 5 letters
Outgrowth of geometrical abstractionOPART 5
Painting style that's visually teasingOPART 5
Paintings with geometric patternsOPART 5
Paintings with intense contrast, oftenOPART 5
Pictures that can make you dizzyOPART 5
Pictures that may make you dizzyOPART 5
Style known as perceptual abstractionOPART 5
Visually jarring pictures, perhapsOPART 5
Genre of a 1965 exhibit called "The Responsive Eye"OPART 5
Abstract form of the '60sOPART 5
Abstract style of the '60sOPART 5
Certain abstract paintingsOPART 5
Cultural phenomenon of the '60sOPART 5
Dazzling drawings of the '60sOPART 5
Dazzling gallery displayOPART 5
Dazzling works of the '60sOPART 5
Dizzying gallery displayOPART 5
Dizzying gallery displaysOPART 5
Dizzying gallery hangingsOPART 5
Dizzying painting movementOPART 5
Eyeball-bending drawingsOPART 5
Eyeball-bending painting genreOPART 5
Eyeball-bending paintingsOPART 5
Eyeball-bending picturesOPART 5
Genre of dizzying drawingsOPART 5
Illusory movement movementOPART 5
Influential style of the 1960sOPART 5
Museum display, at timesOPART 5
Off-the-wall piece on the wall?OPART 5
Painting style of the 60'sOPART 5

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