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Answer OOF – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1960s "Batman" sound effectOOF 3
"I can't believe you just said that"OOF 3
"Batman" sound effectOOF 3
"Ouch!" relativeOOF 3
[That punch hurt!]OOF 3
"That's gotta hurt!"OOF 3
[That's some bad news]OOF 3
[This is heavy!]OOF 3
"That hurts ..." [Ink Well ends forever on June 25. Sign up for to get great, similar puzzles]OOF 3
[My gut!]OOF 3
'Ouch!' kinOOF 3
"Pow!" reactionOOF 3
"Pow!" responseOOF 3
"That hurts!"OOF 3
Body blow reaction, in a comic stripOOF 3
Punched-in-the-solar-plexus reactionOOF 3
Punch-in-the-stomach exclamationOOF 3
Response to a punch in the stomachOOF 3
Audible reaction to a punchOOF 3
Cartoon response to a punchOOF 3
Comic strip reaction to a punch with 3 letters
Comic strip reaction to a punchOOF 3
Hit-in-the-solar-plexus noiseOOF 3
Punched-in-the-gut gruntOOF 3
Punched-in-the-gut soundOOF 3
Punch-in-the-gut responseOOF 3
Punch-in-the-gut utteranceOOF 3
Punch-in-the-stomach reactionOOF 3
Punch in the stomach responseOOF 3
Punch-in-the-stomach soundOOF 3
Reaction to some bad newsOOF 3
Response to a punch in the gutOOF 3
Response to a punch, perhapsOOF 3
Response to a stomach punchOOF 3
Response to "pow!" in cartoonsOOF 3
Shot-to-the-solar-plexus soundOOF 3
Slangy sound of discomfortOOF 3
Sock-in-the-gut reactionOOF 3
Sock-in-the-gut responseOOF 3
Sock-in-the-stomach soundOOF 3
Solar plexus socking noiseOOF 3
Sound after a stomach punchOOF 3
Sound elicited by a body blowOOF 3
Sound spelled out in a 1962 Edward Ruscha paintingOOF 3
Body blow reactionOOF 3
Breath-losing soundOOF 3
Campy sound of battleOOF 3
Cartoon sound effectOOF 3
Cartoon utteranceOOF 3
Comic punch responseOOF 3
Comic strip reactionOOF 3

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