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Answer OLEO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ strut (landing gear shock absorber)OLEO 4
___ strut, on a planeOLEO 4
___ strut (plane part)OLEO 4
''I can't believe it's not butter''OLEO 4
ChromoOLEO 4
StapleOLEO 4
Fake butter once legally required to be pinkOLEO 4
Item sometimes containing cottonseed oilOLEO 4
You can pretty easily believe it's not butterOLEO 4
A shortening, in more ways than oneOLEO 4
Bar at the dinner table, perhapsOLEO 4
Food item in quarter-pound sticksOLEO 4
It could provide a pat on the bunsOLEO 4
It's believable that it's not butterOLEO 4
Nondairy item in the dairy aisleOLEO 4
Nondairy product in the dairy sectionOLEO 4
Product shunned for its trans fatOLEO 4
Product sometimes made from corn oilOLEO 4
Spread out on the counter, maybeOLEO 4
You may not believe it's not butterOLEO 4
You may think it's butter, but it's not with 4 letters
You may think it's butter, but it's notOLEO 4
A chromolithograph, for shortOLEO 4
Alternative bread spreadOLEO 4
Another word for margarineOLEO 4
Artificially colored spreadOLEO 4
Bar in the fridge, perhapsOLEO 4
Bar next to butter, maybeOLEO 4
Cholesterol watcher's choiceOLEO 4
Chromolithograph, for shortOLEO 4
Common butter substituteOLEO 4
Fat in a pat that spreadsOLEO 4
Frosting ingredient, oftenOLEO 4
Hot roll topper, sometimesOLEO 4
Ingredient in some cookiesOLEO 4
It may be found in a tubOLEO 4
It may be picked up in barsOLEO 4
It may not need clarificationOLEO 4
It's a butter alternativeOLEO 4
It's sold in bars and tubsOLEO 4
It's spread in the dining roomOLEO 4
Jelly or jam alternativeOLEO 4
Kind of strut on a planeOLEO 4
Kitchen staple, for manyOLEO 4
Little pat on your buns?OLEO 4
Margarine, less commonlyOLEO 4
Muffin topper, sometimesOLEO 4
Nondairy dairy aisle itemOLEO 4
Nondairy dairy case itemOLEO 4
Old name for a dairy stickOLEO 4
Polyunsaturated fat sourceOLEO 4

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