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Answer OCTET – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"--- for Winds in E flat major" (Beethoven)OCTET 5
OgdoadOCTET 5
"Maids a-milking" group, e.g.OCTET 5
"Maids a-milking" groupOCTET 5
1824 Schubert workOCTET 5
Duo x 4OCTET 5
Trio 5OCTET 5
2003 Peter Martins balletOCTET 5
"The Light in the Piazza" songOCTET 5
Mendelssohn wrote a notable one at age 16OCTET 5
Planets in the solar system, e.g.OCTET 5
Two merged barbershop groups, sayOCTET 5
What has sixteen legs and sings?OCTET 5
Baseball starters less oneOCTET 5
Box of pizza slices, oftenOCTET 5
Certain chamber music groupOCTET 5
Composition for eight voicesOCTET 5
Eight is enough for thisOCTET 5
Eight performers, collectivelyOCTET 5
Eight similar things, e.g.OCTET 5
Good-sized chamber ensemble with 5 letters
Good-sized chamber ensembleOCTET 5
Group of eight musiciansOCTET 5
Group of eight performersOCTET 5
Hawaii's "main islands," e.g.OCTET 5
Large chamber music groupOCTET 5
Large jazz group, perhapsOCTET 5
Mendelssohn wrote one at age 16OCTET 5
Merger of two barbershop groupsOCTET 5
Pair of barbershop groupsOCTET 5
Pair of barbershop groups, e.g.OCTET 5
Quarterfinals qualifiers, e.g.OCTET 5
Santa's reindeer, for exampleOCTET 5
Square dance group, e.g.OCTET 5
Stable electron group, oftenOCTET 5
Two quartets side-by-sideOCTET 5
Famous reindeer group, minus RudolphOCTET 5
Santa's reindeer, minus RudolphOCTET 5
A cappella group, maybeOCTET 5
A cappella group, oftenOCTET 5
Assemblage of eightOCTET 5
Baseball team less oneOCTET 5
Big musical groupOCTET 5
Big singing groupOCTET 5
Byte, in computer slangOCTET 5
Certain chamber groupOCTET 5
Certain chamber pieceOCTET 5
Certain jazz comboOCTET 5
Chamber ensembleOCTET 5
Chamber group, perhapsOCTET 5
Chamber music groupOCTET 5

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