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Answer OARS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

15-Across heedersOARS 4
BladesOARS 4
RowersOARS 4
ScullsOARS 4
SweepsOARS 4
"Bring this ship into the shore and throw away the ___ forever" (REO Speedwagon)OARS 4
"Stop rowing" commandOARS 4
CrewmenOARS 4
Gig rigOARS 4
PaddlesOARS 4
"...Bring this ship into the shore, and throw away the ___ forever"OARS 4
Things usually held while facing backwardOARS 4
Doesn't have both ___ in the waterOARS 4
It's best to have both in the waterOARS 4
They make waves when used properlyOARS 4
They should both be in the waterOARS 4
What some use to ply their craft?OARS 4
A boater may rest on themOARS 4
Implements using fulcrumsOARS 4
Items fitting in rowlocksOARS 4
Pair at the lake, perhaps with 4 letters
Pair at the lake, perhapsOARS 4
Regatta requirement, sometimesOARS 4
Skiff propellers, sometimesOARS 4
They may be arranged in banksOARS 4
They may be found in banksOARS 4
They may lie in a boat's tholesOARS 4
They're in locks on a boatOARS 4
They're inserted in locksOARS 4
They're often seen in banksOARS 4
They're secured in locksOARS 4
They're shipped on small boatsOARS 4
They're sometimes seen in banksOARS 4
They're used during a rowOARS 4
They row, row, row your boatOARS 4
They sweep at the regattaOARS 4
Things locked into placeOARS 4
Wooden poles with bladesOARS 4
Accessories for a doryOARS 4
Angler's needs, maybeOARS 4
Backwash creatorsOARS 4
Bireme equipmentOARS 4
Bireme implementsOARS 4
Bireme propellersOARS 4
Blades in the waterOARS 4
Boaters pull themOARS 4
Boathouse equipmentOARS 4
Boathouse inventoryOARS 4
Boathouse rentalOARS 4
Boathouse suppliesOARS 4
Boat-rowing needsOARS 4

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