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Answer NSA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

55-Across relativeNSA 3
"Columbia" org.NSA 3
"Sneakers" org.NSA 3
"Defending Our Nation. Securing the Future" org.NSA 3
"Enemy of the State" org.NSA 3
"Red Storm Rising" grp.NSA 3
"The Puzzle Palace" grp.NSA 3
"The Puzzle Palace" org.NSA 3
DOD armNSA 3
Branch of the govt. whose number of employees and annual budget are classified, aptlyNSA 3
Govt. agency whose motto (it's joked) is "never say anything"NSA 3
Govt. org. whose logo depicts an eagle standing on a keyNSA 3
Gp. whose insignia consists of a bald eagle holding a keyNSA 3
Intelligence gp. doing controversial domestic surveillanceNSA 3
Org. whose annual budget is classified informationNSA 3
Intel collector hidden in nine puzzle answersNSA 3
Org. implicated in a wiretapping scandalNSA 3
Org. probably reading this clue right nowNSA 3
Org. under scrutiny concerning surveillanceNSA 3
Org. whose logo is an eagle perched on a keyNSA 3
Org. with a key-holding eagle in its logo with 3 letters
Org. with a key-holding eagle in its logoNSA 3
Govt. org. that employs mathematiciansNSA 3
Letters for friends with benefitsNSA 3
Org. concerned with intelligenceNSA 3
Org. created, aptly enough, in secretNSA 3
Org. that employs mathematiciansNSA 3
Org. that specializes in cryptographyNSA 3
Org. whose annual budget is classifiedNSA 3
Personals shorthand for casual romanceNSA 3
Supersecretive intelligence org.NSA 3
Without commitment, in personal adsNSA 3
Their "motto" is "never say anything": Abbr.NSA 3
Intelligence grp. established by TrumanNSA 3
Org. that's the subject of the book "The Puzzle Palace"NSA 3
Org. that's the subject of the book "Body of Secrets"NSA 3
Certain intelligence org.NSA 3
Code-breaking central, in briefNSA 3
Code-breaking govt. groupNSA 3
Code-cracking intelligence org.NSA 3
Controversial wiretapping gp.NSA 3
Cryptanalyst-hiring org.NSA 3
Cuban missile crisis org.NSA 3
Electronic eavesdropping org.NSA 3
Electronic surveillance gp.NSA 3
Govt. code-breaking groupNSA 3
Govt. cryptanalysis org.NSA 3
Govt. employer of cryptologistsNSA 3
Govt. group for mathematiciansNSA 3
Govt. surveillance groupNSA 3
Gp. with many interceptionsNSA 3

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