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Answer NEXT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ earnings (phrase used when comparing a current and upcoming paycheck)NEXT 4
___ to nothing (minimal)NEXT 4
___-door neighborNEXT 4
___ of kinNEXT 4
''Better luck __ time''NEXT 4
BesideNEXT 4
"I'm ready for another customer"NEXT 4
"Coming up after the break"NEXT 4
"What will they think of ___?"NEXT 4
"Who's ___" (1971 hit album)NEXT 4
"You ... the one in the front"NEXT 4
"Coming right up"NEXT 4
"Step right up!"NEXT 4
"What happened ___?"NEXT 4
"Who's ___, please?"NEXT 4
"Who's turn is it?!"NEXT 4
"After ___"NEXT 4
"What ___?!"NEXT 4
"America's ___ Top Model"NEXT 4
"Friday After ___"NEXT 4
Closest with 4 letters
ClosestNEXT 4
EnsuingNEXT 4
NearestNEXT 4
On deckNEXT 4
SequentNEXT 4
"Same Time, ___ Year" (Best Play nominee)NEXT 4
"Star Trek: The ___ Generation"NEXT 4
What one at the head of a line likes to hearNEXT 4
Announcement for the head of a queueNEXT 4
Cue to someone at the head of a queueNEXT 4
Having the highest queue rating?NEXT 4
Shout to a storeful of customersNEXT 4
Word on the bottom of many a blogNEXT 4
At the front of the lineNEXT 4
At the front of the line, sayNEXT 4
At the front of the queueNEXT 4
Bank-teller's call, perhapsNEXT 4
Call in the vaccine lineNEXT 4
Call in the waiting roomNEXT 4
Call to the head of the line?NEXT 4
Casting director's dismissalNEXT 4
Computer introduced in 1988NEXT 4
Cry at a doctor's officeNEXT 4
Cry at a motor vehicle bureauNEXT 4
Cry at the doctor's officeNEXT 4
Cry in the doctor's officeNEXT 4
First in the waiting lineNEXT 4
Shout in the waiting roomNEXT 4
Shout that cues a queue to moveNEXT 4
Summons to the head of the lineNEXT 4

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