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Answer NET – Crossword Puzzle Solver

It may be thrown overboardNET 3
It puts an end to poor service?NET 3
It's a lifesaver at the circusNET 3
It's behind the uprightsNET 3
It's searched for online infoNET 3
It's usually less than gross?NET 3
Keep for oneself, in a wayNET 3
Kind of profit or weightNET 3
Last figure on an invoiceNET 3
Lepidopterist's accessoryNET 3
Lepidopterist's equipmentNET 3
Line on an invoice, perhapsNET 3
Lunch lady's hair coveringNET 3
Part of a badminton courtNET 3
Part of a lacrosse stickNET 3
Part of a volleyball courtNET 3
Place to surf without a boardNET 3
Possibly pleasing figure?NET 3
Rod-and-reel alternativeNET 3
Safety feature for some walkersNET 3
Something less than gross with 3 letters
Something less than grossNET 3
Surfers' hangout with "the"NET 3
Surfer's milieu, with "the"NET 3
Table tennis table dividerNET 3
This is used to cure provoloneNET 3
Tightrope-walker's backupNET 3
Tightrope walker's protectionNET 3
Tightrope-walker's safeguardNET 3
Trapeze artist's "insurance"NET 3
Trapeze artist's peace of mindNET 3
Trapeze artist's protectionNET 3
Trapeze artist's safeguardNET 3
Trap for a butterfly or fishNET 3
Type of earnings or incomeNET 3
Volleyball court dividerNET 3
What a swish shot swishesNET 3
What flounder flounder inNET 3
What's left after deductionsNET 3
Word in business or tennisNET 3
Word with "drag" or "hair"NET 3
Word with weight or worthNET 3
Safety device eschewed by the Flying WallendasNET 3
One might be cut down after a Final Four gameNET 3
One may be cut down after an NCAA winNET 3
Accounting figureNET 3
Acrobat's insuranceNET 3
Acrobat's lifesaverNET 3
Acrobat's safeguardNET 3
Aerialist's insuranceNET 3
Aerialist's lifesaverNET 3

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