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Answer NEIL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1990s Harvard president RudenstineNEIL 4
''Topper'' dogNEIL 4
''The Odd Couple'' playwright SimonNEIL 4
"Heartlight" singer DiamondNEIL 4
"Cosmos" host ___ deGrasse TysonNEIL 4
"Simon ___"NEIL 4
"Topper" poochNEIL 4
"Cracklin' Rosie" DiamondNEIL 4
"After the Gold Rush" YoungNEIL 4
"Cinnamon Girl" singer YoungNEIL 4
"Heart of Gold" singer YoungNEIL 4
"Heart of Gold" YoungNEIL 4
"Chapter Two" playwright SimonNEIL 4
"Down by the River" singer YoungNEIL 4
"Last of the Red Hot Lovers" playwright SimonNEIL 4
"Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" host deGrasse TysonNEIL 4
"Doogie Howser" star ___ Patrick HarrisNEIL 4
"Sweet Caroline" singer DiamondNEIL 4
"Rust Never Sleeps" singer YoungNEIL 4
"I Am...I Said" singer DiamondNEIL 4
Armstrong who took a "giant leap for mankind" with 4 letters
Armstrong who took a "giant leap for mankind"NEIL 4
Diamond associated with world recordsNEIL 4
Armstrong, the astronautNEIL 4
Buzz's companion on the moonNEIL 4
Diamond in many a jewel boxNEIL 4
Diamond on a record playerNEIL 4
Diamond who went platinumNEIL 4
Diamond with 18 platinum albumsNEIL 4
First first name on the moonNEIL 4
First name among astronautsNEIL 4
First name among moonwalkersNEIL 4
First name in moon walkersNEIL 4
First name in moonwalkingNEIL 4
Son of sports columnist ScottNEIL 4
Pulitzer-winning writer SheehanNEIL 4
Armstrong in spaceNEIL 4
Armstrong on the moonNEIL 4
Buzz's capsule mateNEIL 4
Buzz's lunar partnerNEIL 4
Buzz's moon-mateNEIL 4
Diamond in musicNEIL 4
Diamond of musicNEIL 4
Diamond of recordsNEIL 4
Diamond on a playlistNEIL 4
Diamond on many chartsNEIL 4
Diamond on stageNEIL 4
Diamond on vinylNEIL 4
Diamond recordingNEIL 4
Diamond with a mikeNEIL 4
Diamond with many cutsNEIL 4

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