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Answer NEEDLE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

compass indicatorNEEDLE 6
"___ in the Hay" Elliott SmithNEEDLE 6
BadgerNEEDLE 6
BodkinNEEDLE 6
HeckleNEEDLE 6
'Ouch!'NEEDLE 6
PesterNEEDLE 6
*Aid in tailingNEEDLE 6
Kid-___NEEDLE 6
ObeliskNEEDLE 6
ProvokeNEEDLE 6
Rib ___NEEDLE 6
Thing watched while driving through a speed trapNEEDLE 6
It's difficult to find in a haystackNEEDLE 6
Object of a doctor's office phobiaNEEDLE 6
One with an eye for fine clothing?NEEDLE 6
Replaceable part of a phonograph with 6 letters
Replaceable part of a phonographNEEDLE 6
Hard-to-find object, perhapsNEEDLE 6
It gets poked in the eyeNEEDLE 6
It has an eye, but it sees notNEEDLE 6
It may be lowered to hear musicNEEDLE 6
It may get under your skinNEEDLE 6
It might get under your skinNEEDLE 6
One getting into the groove?NEEDLE 6
Part of an applause-o-meterNEEDLE 6
Pole position indicator?NEEDLE 6
Proverbial haystack hiderNEEDLE 6
Record player projectionNEEDLE 6
Sometimes it's in the grooveNEEDLE 6
Unlikely find in a haystackNEEDLE 6
What a haystack may hideNEEDLE 6
You might get stuck with itNEEDLE 6
You might find one under the Christmas treeNEEDLE 6
Acupuncture itemNEEDLE 6
Applause meter partNEEDLE 6
Belonephobiac's fearNEEDLE 6
Bug relentlesslyNEEDLE 6
Christmas debrisNEEDLE 6
Christmas tree droppingNEEDLE 6
Conifer componentNEEDLE 6
Gauge part, oftenNEEDLE 6
Haystack fugitiveNEEDLE 6
Hider in a haystackNEEDLE 6
It gets in the grooveNEEDLE 6
It has a sightless eyeNEEDLE 6
It may be in a grooveNEEDLE 6

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