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______ tideNEAP 4
TidesNEAP 4
1-Down relativeNEAP 4
A tideNEAP 4
"Farmer's Almanac" adjectiveNEAP 4
Occurrence after the first and third quarters of the moonNEAP 4
Tide after the first and third quarters of the moonNEAP 4
It occurs during the third quarter of the moonNEAP 4
Occurrence at the moon's first quarterNEAP 4
Occurrence in the moon's first quarterNEAP 4
Spring-___ cycle: tidal phenomenonNEAP 4
Tide at the moon's first quarterNEAP 4
Tide during the moon's first quarterNEAP 4
Tide not likely to cause a floodNEAP 4
A less-than-average tideNEAP 4
High tide's lowest levelNEAP 4
It's midway between two springsNEAP 4
Lowest level of high tideNEAP 4
Opposite of spring, tide-wiseNEAP 4
Opposite of spring, tidewiseNEAP 4
Spring's opposite, in tides with 4 letters
Spring's opposite, in tidesNEAP 4
Spring's opposite, oceanwiseNEAP 4
Spring's opposite, tidewiseNEAP 4
Spring tide's counterpartNEAP 4
Third-quarter phenomenonNEAP 4
Twice-monthly oceanic eventNEAP 4
First quarter moon tideNEAP 4
Least varying tideNEAP 4
Less than average tideNEAP 4
Low, as the tideNEAP 4
Lowest high tideNEAP 4
Lowest tidal rangeNEAP 4
Minimal high tideNEAP 4
Minimal tide typeNEAP 4
Minimum-range tideNEAP 4
One kind of tideNEAP 4
One of the tidesNEAP 4
One type of tideNEAP 4
Opposite of springNEAP 4
Quarter moon tideNEAP 4
Recurring marine eventNEAP 4
Semimonthly tideNEAP 4
Shore occurrenceNEAP 4
Spring's counterpartNEAP 4
Spring's oppositeNEAP 4
Spring tide counterpartNEAP 4
Spring tide's kinNEAP 4
Term on a tide tableNEAP 4
Third-quarter tideNEAP 4
Tide between springsNEAP 4

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