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Answer NCAA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Sweet-16" org.NCAA 4
"March Madness" hoops org.NCAA 4
"Elite Eight" org.NCAA 4
"Final Four" initialsNCAA 4
"Final Four" org.NCAA 4
"March Madness" org.NCAA 4
Nonprofit sports org. with $846 million in revenue in 2010-'11NCAA 4
Org. with a self-serving category called "student athletes"NCAA 4
Annual hoops championship organizer, for shortNCAA 4
Sports org. with strict eligibility rulesNCAA 4
Grp. with eligibility requirementsNCAA 4
Org. setting eligibility requirementsNCAA 4
Sports org. with eligibility rulesNCAA 4
Abbr. on a sports tickerNCAA 4
Bowl game overseeing grp.NCAA 4
Bowl regulator, for shortNCAA 4
Certain tourney overseerNCAA 4
College sports org., for shortNCAA 4
Collegiate athletic org.NCAA 4
Grp. concerned with bowlsNCAA 4
Indiana-based sports gp. with 4 letters
Indiana-based sports gp.NCAA 4
Indiana-based sports org.NCAA 4
Indianapolis-based sports org.NCAA 4
Interscholastic sports org.NCAA 4
Letters in a university sport?NCAA 4
Org. regulating college sportsNCAA 4
Org. with eligibility rulesNCAA 4
Org. with many conferencesNCAA 4
Scholarship-offering org.NCAA 4
School sports regulatory org.NCAA 4
Sponsor of a basketball tourn.NCAA 4
Sponsor of a court tourn.NCAA 4
Sports gp. with divisionsNCAA 4
Sports org. for scholarsNCAA 4
Sports org. founded in 1906NCAA 4
Three-division sports gp.NCAA 4
Tourn. sponsor since 1939NCAA 4
University group based in Overland Park, Kan.NCAA 4
Sports org. headquartered in IndianapolisNCAA 4
Org. affiliated with the College World SeriesNCAA 4
Basketball tourn. won by N. C.: 1993NCAA 4
Org. that gives out the Gerald R. Ford AwardNCAA 4
Academic sports org.NCAA 4
Amateur prosports grp.NCAA 4
Amateur sports org.NCAA 4
American sports org.NCAA 4
B-ball tourney org.NCAA 4
Big sports inits.NCAA 4
Bracketology org.NCAA 4
Brackets lettersNCAA 4

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