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Answer NAP – Crossword Puzzle Solver

40 winksNAP 3
"____ time!"NAP 3
FluffNAP 3
DrowseNAP 3
ReposeNAP 3
SiestaNAP 3
SnoozeNAP 3
'Break --!'NAP 3
"Rest ___"NAP 3
"Sleep ___"NAP 3
"Time out!"NAP 3
EmerizeNAP 3
Nod offNAP 3
Few Z'sNAP 3
NodNAP 3
Don't let the boss catch you taking thisNAP 3
Refresher at work (if you have your own office)NAP 3
Siesta taken by this puzzle's longest answersNAP 3
Afternoon activity for a toddlerNAP 3
Recover from an all-nighter, sayNAP 3
Sleep for far less than eight hours with 3 letters
Sleep for far less than eight hoursNAP 3
Something you may get caught takingNAP 3
What you may do when you're beatNAP 3
Afternoon break, perhapsNAP 3
Afternoon refresher, perhapsNAP 3
Battery recharger, so to speakNAP 3
Be careless or unguardedNAP 3
Be unaware of imminent dangerNAP 3
Break for a parent or toddlerNAP 3
Break for a toddler and parentNAP 3
Check out in the afternoonNAP 3
Entry in a baby's scheduleNAP 3
Go out in the afternoon?NAP 3
It may help you "catch up"NAP 3
It might be taken mid-afternoonNAP 3
Part of a baby's daily scheduleNAP 3
Part of a baby's routineNAP 3
Part of a preschool day, oftenNAP 3
Playdate follower, perhapsNAP 3
Power ___ (exec's break)NAP 3
Preschooler's dread, sometimesNAP 3
Recover from sleep deprivationNAP 3
Relax on the red-eye, sayNAP 3
Sleep at one's desk, sayNAP 3
Some babes go down for itNAP 3
Something taken in a hammockNAP 3
The pause that refreshes?NAP 3
This can happen on tour busNAP 3
Toddler's afternoon ritualNAP 3
Toddler's noontime break (3)NAP 3

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