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Answer MYLIPSARESEALED – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Don't tell a soul" replyMYLIPSARESEALED 15
"Mum's the word, friend!"MYLIPSARESEALED 15
"Your secret is safe with me"MYLIPSARESEALED 15
"Your secret's safe with me"MYLIPSARESEALED 15
"I won't tell a soul"MYLIPSARESEALED 15
"Mum's the word!"MYLIPSARESEALED 15
"Shhhh!" responseMYLIPSARESEALED 15
Pledge of confidentialityMYLIPSARESEALED 15
Non-speaking line?MYLIPSARESEALED 15
Reply to 20- or 37-AcrossMYLIPSARESEALED 15

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