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"Saki" was his pen nameMUNRO 5
"Runaway" author AliceMUNRO 5
"Lives of Girls and Women" authorMUNRO 5
"Lives of Girls and Women" author AliceMUNRO 5
"Dance of the Happy Shades" authorMUNRO 5
"Beasts and Superbeasts" author H.H. __MUNRO 5
2013 Literature Nobelist AliceMUNRO 5
"Table Hockey" inventor Don _____MUNRO 5
"The Last of the Mohicans" colonelMUNRO 5
"The Unbearable Bassington" writerMUNRO 5
2009 Man Booker International Prize winner AliceMUNRO 5
"The View from Castle Rock" author AliceMUNRO 5
"The Moons of Jupiter" writer AliceMUNRO 5
"The View From Castle Rock" authorMUNRO 5
Alice who wrote the short-story collection "Open Secrets"MUNRO 5
He gave his name to a doctrineMUNRO 5
Short-story writer known as SakiMUNRO 5
Author with the pen name SakiMUNRO 5
Novelist with the pen name SakiMUNRO 5
Writer with the pen name Saki with 5 letters
Writer with the pen name SakiMUNRO 5
Saki's real last nameMUNRO 5
Saki's real nameMUNRO 5
Saki's real surnameMUNRO 5
Short-story writer AliceMUNRO 5
Canadian author AliceMUNRO 5
Canadian storywriter AliceMUNRO 5
He used the pen name SakiMUNRO 5
Saki, reallyMUNRO 5
The writer Saki's real nameMUNRO 5
Table hockey InventorMUNRO 5
Cary's "I'm No Angel" costarMUNRO 5
Author Saki's real surnameMUNRO 5
Giller Prize winner 2004MUNRO 5
Author Alice or H.H.MUNRO 5
A.k.a. SakiMUNRO 5
Writer H. H. ___MUNRO 5
Author Hector Hugh ___MUNRO 5
Writer H.H. or AliceMUNRO 5
Major Canadian short-story writerMUNRO 5
H. H. ___ (Saki's real name)MUNRO 5
H.H. ___ (author known as Saki)MUNRO 5
H.H. ___ (Saki's real name)MUNRO 5
H.H. ___, aka SakiMUNRO 5

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