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1950's-70's pitcher DrabowskyMOE 3
2012 role for Chris DiamantopoulosMOE 3
1985 movie "Izzy and ___"MOE 3
''Simpsons'' bar ownerMOE 3
''Simpsons'' bartenderMOE 3
''The Godfather'' hoodlum GreenMOE 3
"Collegiate" songwriter JaffeMOE 3
"Miney" followerMOE 3
"Simpsons" barkeepMOE 3
"Simpson"s bartenderMOE 3
"Simpsons" serverMOE 3
"Simpsons" tavern ownerMOE 3
"Slap shtick" comedian?MOE 3
"Fatboy" bandMOE 3
"Calvin and Hobbes" bully who speaks in upper- and lowercase lettersMOE 3
"Calvin and Hobbes" bullyMOE 3
"Three Hams on Rye" co-starMOE 3
"Five Guys Named ___" (1992 Broadway musical)MOE 3
"Bell Bottom Trousers" bandleader JaffeMOE 3
"The Simpsons" character whose last name is SzyslakMOE 3
"The Simpsons" character who says "Oh geez" a lot with 3 letters
"The Simpsons" character who says "Oh geez" a lotMOE 3
'The Simpsons' bartenderMOE 3
"The Simpsons" tavern keeperMOE 3
"The Simpsons" tavern ownerMOE 3
"The Godfather" character ___ GreeneMOE 3
"The Godfather" gangster GreeneMOE 3
"The Godfather" mobster GreeneMOE 3
"The Simpsons" bartender SzyslakMOE 3
"The Simpsons" barkeepMOE 3
"The Catcher Was a Spy" subject BergMOE 3
Jam band with a period at the end of their nameMOE 3
Springfield businessman who briefly opened a "Family Feedbag" restaurantMOE 3
Comical character with a bowl haircutMOE 3
Fourth person pointed to, perhapsMOE 3
Jam band with a period after their nameMOE 3
Stooge with a sugar bowl haircutMOE 3
Flaming ___ (specialty drink served in Springfield)MOE 3
Buffalo jam band mainstaysMOE 3
Downhill gold medalist of 1994MOE 3
Fellow in a counting-out rhyme?MOE 3
Fourth one counted, perhapsMOE 3
Guy seen in funny shortsMOE 3
He's a slap-happy stoogeMOE 3
Howard with a soupbowl cutMOE 3
One of a pie-throwing trioMOE 3
Slap-happy one of comedyMOE 3
Springfield tavern ownerMOE 3
Stooge with a bowl haircutMOE 3
Springfield's counterpart to Sam MaloneMOE 3
Small business owner on "The Simpsons"MOE 3

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