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"___ is hard, let's go shopping"MATH 4
91-Down sectionMATH 4
"The queen of sciences": GaussMATH 4
"New" school subjectMATH 4
"You do the ___!"MATH 4
"Do the ___!" ("Figure it out!")MATH 4
"Do the ___!"MATH 4
"Figures!"MATH 4
"Do the ___" ("You figure it out")MATH 4
"You Do the ___" (Brad Paisley)MATH 4
Subject in which you often learn by exampleMATH 4
Subject that gives students lots of problemsMATH 4
Class that's "hard," according to a talking Barbie dollMATH 4
Field that has its pluses and minusesMATH 4
If you do it right, it all adds upMATH 4
It all adds up if you do it correctlyMATH 4
It sometimes leads to big dividendsMATH 4
Subject that includes game theoryMATH 4
Subject that presents lots of problemsMATH 4
Subject with its pluses and minusesMATH 4
What tour accountant better be good at with 4 letters
What tour accountant better be good atMATH 4
A calculator assists with itMATH 4
Addition or subtraction, e.g.MATH 4
Class with a number of problemsMATH 4
Class with word problemsMATH 4
Combinatorics expert's majorMATH 4
Course requiring calculationsMATH 4
Course with many functionsMATH 4
Course with many problemsMATH 4
Course with some big dividends?MATH 4
Field with figures and modelsMATH 4
Field with roots and logsMATH 4
Geometrician's specialtyMATH 4
Grade-schooler's subjectMATH 4
It can be as easy as 1-2-3MATH 4
It has its pluses and minusesMATH 4
It has its plusses and minusesMATH 4
It has its share of problems?MATH 4
It has roots and branchesMATH 4
It has roots and many branchesMATH 4
It presents lots of problems?MATH 4
It sometimes has roots and logsMATH 4
Many find it calculatingMATH 4
Number-cruncher's specialtyMATH 4
One problem after another?MATH 4
Planes are studied in itMATH 4
School subject, for shortMATH 4
Science subject, for shortMATH 4
Study of numbers, brieflyMATH 4
Subject involving operationsMATH 4

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