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Answer LOTTO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

649 e.g.LOTTO 5
beanoLOTTO 5
''Hey, you never know!'' investmentLOTTO 5
"Quick pick" gameLOTTO 5
<--- Gambling gameLOTTO 5
Game that inspires high hopes for millionsLOTTO 5
Game with balls never handled by those who playLOTTO 5
Not the best plan for becoming a millionaireLOTTO 5
Drawing that's interesting to manyLOTTO 5
Game for wannabe multimillionairesLOTTO 5
Game involving scratches for scratchLOTTO 5
Game that requires balls to playLOTTO 5
Game with a $100 million prize, maybeLOTTO 5
Game with a lot of dropped ballsLOTTO 5
It causes many people to scratchLOTTO 5
It may pay off if it has your numberLOTTO 5
Activity with quite a drawingLOTTO 5
Drawing interesting to many?LOTTO 5
Drawing of interest to many?LOTTO 5
Game at the corner storeLOTTO 5
Game for the wannabe lucky with 5 letters
Game for the wannabe luckyLOTTO 5
Game for wannabe millionairesLOTTO 5
Game played with matches?LOTTO 5
Game that almost everyone losesLOTTO 5
Game with bouncing ballsLOTTO 5
Game with numbered ballsLOTTO 5
Game with pingpong ballsLOTTO 5
It's played with matchesLOTTO 5
Number-guessing fund-raiserLOTTO 5
People are picky about thisLOTTO 5
Popular gambling offeringLOTTO 5
Public school supporter, oftenLOTTO 5
Rare rags-to-riches routeLOTTO 5
State-funded gambling gameLOTTO 5
State-run game of chanceLOTTO 5
State-run millionaire makerLOTTO 5
State-run revenue sourceLOTTO 5
State's fundraising gameLOTTO 5
State-sponsored numbers gameLOTTO 5
This might cause you to scratchLOTTO 5
There's a drawing of it on TVLOTTO 5
Bingo look-alikeLOTTO 5
Bingo's relativeLOTTO 5
Cards-and-numbers gameLOTTO 5
Game having numbersLOTTO 5
Game most people loseLOTTO 5
Game with a drawingLOTTO 5
Game with a jackpotLOTTO 5
Game with a multiplierLOTTO 5
Game with drawingsLOTTO 5

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