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Answer LORRE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" actor, 1954LORRE 5
''Casablanca'' villainLORRE 5
''M'' actorLORRE 5
"M" manLORRE 5
"Casablanca" cast memberLORRE 5
"Casablanca" character actorLORRE 5
"Casablanca" co-starLORRE 5
"Casablanca" costarLORRE 5
"Casablanca" playerLORRE 5
"Casbah" actor, 1948LORRE 5
"M" star of 1931LORRE 5
"Casablanca" actor PeterLORRE 5
"Casablanca" and "The Maltese Falcon" co-starLORRE 5
"Casablanca" co-star PeterLORRE 5
"M" killerLORRE 5
"M" star, 1931LORRE 5
"M" villainLORRE 5
"M" star PeterLORRE 5
"Passage to Marseille" actor, 1944LORRE 5
"Three Strangers" actor, 1946LORRE 5
"Mad Love" star, 1935 with 5 letters
"Mad Love" star, 1935LORRE 5
"The Raven" actorLORRE 5
"Mad Love" star PeterLORRE 5
"Mr. Moto" starLORRE 5
"The Maltese Falcon" actorLORRE 5
"The Maltese Falcon" actor PeterLORRE 5
"The Maltese Falcon" star PeterLORRE 5
"The Big Bang Theory" co-creator ChuckLORRE 5
Greenstreet associate in old filmsLORRE 5
Greenstreet's associate in old filmsLORRE 5
Greenstreet contemporaryLORRE 5
Greenstreet's frequent co-starLORRE 5
Greenstreet's screen palLORRE 5
Master of unsavory film rolesLORRE 5
Memorable character actorLORRE 5
Memorable portrayer of villainsLORRE 5
Peter of the big screenLORRE 5
Raskolnikov portrayer in "Crime and Punishment"LORRE 5
Surname in the credits for "Casablanca"LORRE 5
Greenstreet co-star in "The Verdict" (1946)LORRE 5
Eight-time portrayer of Mr. MotoLORRE 5
Casablanca actorLORRE 5
Filmdom heavy of yoreLORRE 5
Greenstreet associateLORRE 5
Hungarian-born actorLORRE 5
Movie villain of yoreLORRE 5
Name in movie loreLORRE 5
Peter of old filmsLORRE 5
Actor hearing of a British truckLORRE 5
Movie tough guy PeterLORRE 5

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