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Answer LONGSHOT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

10-1, for exampleLONGSHOT 8
Horse unlikely to win a raceLONGSHOT 8
It might pay big at the trackLONGSHOT 8
Hardly a favoriteLONGSHOT 8
It has a big payoffLONGSHOT 8
One against the oddsLONGSHOT 8
Shot in the darkLONGSHOT 8
Unlikely successLONGSHOT 8
Surprising winner at Santa AnitaLONGSHOT 8
Big underdogLONGSHOT 8
Dark horseLONGSHOT 8
Desperate betLONGSHOT 8
Lucky shotLONGSHOT 8
OutsiderLONGSHOT 8
Risky ventureLONGSHOT 8
Unlikely victorLONGSHOT 8
Unlikely winnerLONGSHOT 8

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