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Answer LINED – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ one's pockets (profited unfairly)LINED 5
___ up (arranged)LINED 5
___ up (formed a queue)LINED 5
disciplinedLINED 5
veridicalLINED 5
sketchyLINED 5
RuledLINED 5
RangedLINED 5
CreasedLINED 5
StriateLINED 5
StripedLINED 5
Like an aboveground swimming poolLINED 5
Like a sleeping bag or a swimming poolLINED 5
Like sleeping bags and steno padsLINED 5
Like some paper and garbage cansLINED 5
Like some paper or a sleeping bagLINED 5
What fans did up for a sold-out showLINED 5
Having a backing surfaceLINED 5
Like a weather-worn faceLINED 5
Like bomber jackets, oftenLINED 5
Like many a pad of paper with 5 letters
Like many a pad of paperLINED 5
Like many winter jacketsLINED 5
Like most notebook paperLINED 5
Like much notebook paperLINED 5
Like some coats and paperLINED 5
Like some jackets and paperLINED 5
Like some paper and coatsLINED 5
Like standard loose-leaf sheetsLINED 5
Like user-friendly paperLINED 5
Reinforced, as certain clothingLINED 5
Added an inner layer toLINED 5
Did an "inside job"LINED 5
Did a sewing jobLINED 5
Did a tailor's jobLINED 5
Fur or stream followerLINED 5
Having crow's-feetLINED 5
In a queue, with "up"LINED 5
Like a careworn faceLINED 5
Like a musical staffLINED 5
Like a quality coatLINED 5
Like a school tabletLINED 5
Like a sleeping bagLINED 5
Like a steno padLINED 5
Like a worrier's browLINED 5
Like blue exam bookletsLINED 5
Like composition paperLINED 5
Like graph paperLINED 5
Like jewelry boxesLINED 5
Like legal pad paperLINED 5
Like legal paperLINED 5

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