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Answer LEO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

90s heartthrob, to fansLEO 3
___ the Lip (major-league nickname)LEO 3
"___ the Lip"LEO 3
48-Down followerLEO 3
______ RailLEO 3
____ , The LionLEO 3
1-Across's roarerLEO 3
''Seinfeld'' relativeLEO 3
RoarerLEO 3
"Nice guys finish last" speaker DurocherLEO 3
"Seinfeld" uncleLEO 3
"Bus 9 to Paradise" author BuscagliaLEO 3
"Prisoners of Love (___ & Max)" (song from "The Producers")LEO 3
"Love" author BuscagliaLEO 3
"Little Blue and Little Yellow" author LionniLEO 3
TolstoyLEO 3
"Small Craft on a Milk Sea" Brian Eno w/Jon Hopkins & ___ AbrahamsLEO 3
"Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" Tony winner Norbert ___ ButzLEO 3
"Anna Karenina" author's first nameLEO 3
'Anna Karenina' writerLEO 3
"West Wing "character with 3 letters
"West Wing "characterLEO 3
"Anna Karenina" author TolstoyLEO 3
"Anna Karenina" writer TolstoyLEO 3
2010 Best Supporting ActressLEO 3
"When I Need You" singer SayerLEO 3
"The Aviator" star, to fansLEO 3
"The Producers" characterLEO 3
"The Lip" of baseballLEO 3
"The Producers" roleLEO 3
"The West Wing" chief of staff ___ McGarryLEO 3
"Dr. Hug" BuscagliaLEO 3
"The Lip" DurocherLEO 3
"You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" SayerLEO 3
"The Wolf of Wall Street" star, in fan magsLEO 3
"J. Edgar" star, familiarlyLEO 3
Erstwhile heartthrob, to his erstwhile legion of swooning fansLEO 3
Man's name that becomes another man's name if read backwardLEO 3
Constellation that looks like a bent coat hangerLEO 3
Generous, creative, but bossy type, so it's saidLEO 3
What this puzzle's three longest entries are all about?LEO 3
Cheerful, proud, powerful sort, it's saidLEO 3
Confident, ambitious, loyal sort, supposedlyLEO 3
Energetic, strong-willed type, supposedlyLEO 3
Strongly idealistic, humane sort, supposedlyLEO 3
Strong-willed type, according to the starsLEO 3
Bossy but generous type, supposedlyLEO 3
Carnivorous member of the zodiacLEO 3
Confident, loyal type, supposedlyLEO 3
Constellation shaped like a coat hangerLEO 3
Generous and creative one, supposedlyLEO 3

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