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Answer LENO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1990s-2000s host of "The Tonight Show"LENO 4
GauzeLENO 4
''Jaywalking'' interviewerLENO 4
''Tonight Show'' hostLENO 4
FabricLENO 4
*2014 TV retireeLENO 4
"The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver" comicLENO 4
"The reason there are two senators for each state is so that one can be the designated driver" quipperLENO 4
"You're not famous until my mother has heard of you" quipperLENO 4
"I would give my right arm to be ambidextrous" speakerLENO 4
"How come you never see a headline like 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?" quipperLENO 4
"Jaywalker" of late-night televisionLENO 4
"Nightline" competitor, informallyLENO 4
"Jaywalking" personalityLENO 4
"Tonight" show host todayLENO 4
"Jaywalker" of late-night TVLENO 4
"Jaywalking" comedianLENO 4
"Jaywalking" comicLENO 4
"Jaywalking" guyLENO 4
"Headlines" reader on Monday nightsLENO 4
"Headlines" guy with 4 letters
"Headlines" guyLENO 4
"Tonight Show" host who left and returnedLENO 4
"Dancing Itos" creatorLENO 4
"Leading With My Chin" autobiographerLENO 4
"Leading With My Chin" memoiristLENO 4
"Leading With My Chin" authorLENO 4
"Leading With My Chin" writerLENO 4
2014 Television Academy Hall of Fame inducteeLENO 4
"Stuff We Found on eBay" humoristLENO 4
"Iron Jay" portrayerLENO 4
"Jay Walking" guyLENO 4
"The Tonight Show" hostLENO 4
"If Roast Beef Could Fly" authorLENO 4
"If Roast Beef Could Fly" writerLENO 4
TV hostLENO 4
His tenure was set to end in 2009, to the delight of many, though he's reported to be reconsideringLENO 4
Author of a book with "chin" in its titleLENO 4
He's visible a few minutes after the newsLENO 4
Comic who occasionally contributes to the "Motormouth" column ofThe London Sunday TimesLENO 4
He was involved in a hosting controversy with O'BrienLENO 4
Deliverer of much political humorLENO 4
He follows the news in many citiesLENO 4
He follows the news in most citiesLENO 4
Host with rumors of retiring in 2014LENO 4
Late-night host moving to prime timeLENO 4
Prime-time host starting in fall 2009LENO 4
Talk show host who collects carsLENO 4
He's scheduled to be replaced by FallonLENO 4
Late-night host who testified in the Michael Jackson trialLENO 4
Subject of the 1994 best seller "The Late Shift"LENO 4

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