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Answer LEMON – Crossword Puzzle Solver

_____ geranium (garden flower)LEMON 5
hybrid citrus fruitLEMON 5
53-Across flavorLEMON 5
''Twist'' fruitLEMON 5
FizzleLEMON 5
FlavorLEMON 5
JunkerLEMON 5
"Caveat emptor" itemLEMON 5
*Iced tea garnishLEMON 5
"Law & ___"LEMON 5
Bad buyLEMON 5
C food?LEMON 5
ClunkerLEMON 5
Lot dudLEMON 5
WashoutLEMON 5
Car that spends too much time in the shopLEMON 5
Auto seen much too much in an auto shopLEMON 5
Auto seen way too much in an auto shopLEMON 5
Car that leaves you with a sour taste? with 5 letters
Car that leaves you with a sour taste?LEMON 5
Furniture polish scent, sometimesLEMON 5
One on the verge of a breakdown?LEMON 5
Scent in furniture polish, perhapsLEMON 5
A berry, believe it or notLEMON 5
A mechanic might see it a lotLEMON 5
Car for which a law is namedLEMON 5
Car on the verge of a breakdownLEMON 5
Car you wish you hadn't boughtLEMON 5
Color similar to daffodilLEMON 5
Fruit that makes you puckerLEMON 5
Furniture polish additiveLEMON 5
It makes a whiskey sour sourLEMON 5
It may be found often in a shopLEMON 5
One might show up in a casinoLEMON 5
Scent in furniture polishLEMON 5
Slot machine image, sometimesLEMON 5
Winning manager in 1978 World SeriesLEMON 5
Air freshener scentLEMON 5
Auto barely mobile?LEMON 5
Auto freshener optionLEMON 5
Car owner's headacheLEMON 5
Car that won't go farLEMON 5
Certain citrus fruitLEMON 5
Clunker of a carLEMON 5
Defective deviceLEMON 5
Defective new autoLEMON 5
Four-wheeled dudLEMON 5
Fruit at the barLEMON 5
Fruit in a slot machineLEMON 5

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