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Answer LEI – Crossword Puzzle Solver

flowersLEI 3
12-Across adornmentLEI 3
27-Down souvenirLEI 3
3 Down neckwearLEI 3
9-Down giftLEI 3
WreathLEI 3
''Blue Hawaii'' propLEI 3
"Aloha" garlandLEI 3
"Fantasy Island" neckwearLEI 3
"Fantasy Island" propLEI 3
"Magnum, P.I." wearLEI 3
"Welcome to Hawaii" giftLEI 3
ChapletLEI 3
GarlandLEI 3
"South Pacific" propLEI 3
"Blue Hawaii" neckwearLEI 3
"May Day Is ___ Day in Hawaii"LEI 3
You might bow your head when receiving oneLEI 3
Bo wore one at his first appearance at the White HouseLEI 3
Bloomers placed over one's head?LEI 3
Garland made in a hipu'u or wili style with 3 letters
Garland made in a hipu'u or wili styleLEI 3
Gift that's hung around the neckLEI 3
Hawaiian wear that spawns corny jokesLEI 3
Island wear that spawns lame sex jokesLEI 3
It may be made of lehua blossomsLEI 3
It may have orchids or plumeriasLEI 3
Jeans brand marketed for young girlsLEI 3
Necklace given upon some deplaningsLEI 3
String of small shells, sometimesLEI 3
What you might bow your head to getLEI 3
You might bow your head to receive oneLEI 3
You might stick your neck out for itLEI 3
Gift that may be presented with an "Aloha!"LEI 3
Aloha shirt accompanimentLEI 3
A wahine might drape one on youLEI 3
Bloomers around the neck?LEI 3
Bloomers worn around the neckLEI 3
Bloomers you put on head firstLEI 3
Bloomers you put on headfirstLEI 3
Circular band of foliageLEI 3
Floral ring around the collarLEI 3
Fragrant gift on a stringLEI 3
Garland made from pikakesLEI 3
Garland often made of plumeriasLEI 3
Gift for an island visitorLEI 3
Gift given upon some deplaningsLEI 3
Gift given with an "aloha"LEI 3
Gift offered with an "aloha"LEI 3
Gift upon arrival, maybeLEI 3
Gift with a string attached?LEI 3

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