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Answer LEAK – Crossword Puzzle Solver

intelligenceLEAK 4
DivulgeLEAK 4
SeepageLEAK 4
Basis of a reporter's scoop, perhapsLEAK 4
Caused by a hole in a liquid containerLEAK 4
Presidential administration concernLEAK 4
Source of a drop in the bucket, perhapsLEAK 4
Source of a reporter's scoop, perhapsLEAK 4
Wind up online prematurely, as a songLEAK 4
A drop in the bucket, perhapsLEAK 4
Hot water heater troubleLEAK 4
Inside information sourceLEAK 4
Journalist's source, perhapsLEAK 4
National security problemLEAK 4
Newshawk's source, oftenLEAK 4
Puddle producer, perhapsLEAK 4
Reason to call a plumber?LEAK 4
Reporter's news source, perhapsLEAK 4
Reporter's source, at timesLEAK 4
Something picked up by a moleLEAK 4
Source of many news items with 4 letters
Source of many news itemsLEAK 4
Surreptitious news disclosureLEAK 4
Tip for a reporter, maybeLEAK 4
Unauthorized preview, sayLEAK 4
Washington news source, maybeLEAK 4
Air mattress problemLEAK 4
Aquarist's annoyanceLEAK 4
Balloonist's worryLEAK 4
Be less than watertightLEAK 4
Betrayal of sortsLEAK 4
Boatman's headacheLEAK 4
Breach of secrecyLEAK 4
Breach of securityLEAK 4
Cause of deflationLEAK 4
Cause of spillageLEAK 4
Diaper preventionLEAK 4
Drip from a pipe, e.g.LEAK 4
Escape graduallyLEAK 4
Escape route of a kindLEAK 4
Inform surreptitiouslyLEAK 4
Inside info sourceLEAK 4
Intelligence concernLEAK 4
It could start rumorsLEAK 4
Job for a plumberLEAK 4
Journalist's bonanzaLEAK 4
Lapse in secrecyLEAK 4
Let out surreptitiouslyLEAK 4
Let slip to the pressLEAK 4
Little hole, maybeLEAK 4
Loose lips, so to speakLEAK 4

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