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Answer LEA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Bull ___, Citation's sireLEA 3
Player of Caroline in "Caroline and the City"LEA 3
Locale in Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard"LEA 3
Broadway star SalongaLEA 3
Comic/actress DelariaLEA 3
Grassland, to GrayLEA 3
Lesbian comic DeLariaLEA 3
He wrote "The Wonderful Country": 1952LEA 3
He wrote "The King Ranch"LEA 3
Ashton's "New Year's Eve" costarLEA 3
He wrote "The Brave Bulls"LEA 3
Thompson of TVLEA 3
Hawaii's Mauna ___LEA 3
Thompson of "Howard the Duck"LEA 3
Thompson of "Back to the Future"LEA 3
Actress SalongaLEA 3
Place for 58-DownLEA 3
Tinseltown's ThompsonLEA 3
Thompson of "Red Dawn"LEA 3
Thompson of "The Unknown Cyclist"LEA 3
Grassland, OE. with 3 letters
Grassland, OE.LEA 3
Pitcher Charlie who got the win at the 1984 All-Star GameLEA 3
Actress Thompson of the "Back to the Future" filmsLEA 3
Salonga-Chien who won a Tony for "Miss Saigon"LEA 3
Actress Seydoux of the 2013 Palme d'Or winner "Blue Is the Warmest Color"LEA 3
Actress ThompsonLEA 3
Site of Gray's herdLEA 3
Actress Salonga or ThompsonLEA 3
Actress Thompson in "Back to the Future"LEA 3
Actress Thompson of "Back to the Future"LEA 3
Actress Michele of "Glee"LEA 3
Albert ___, Minn. cityLEA 3
Broad-way's SalongaLEA 3
Tony winner SalongaLEA 3
Salonga of "Miss Saigon"LEA 3
___ FieldLEA 3
Where Gray's "lowing herd wind slowly"LEA 3
Where Guernseys grazeLEA 3
Comic DelariaLEA 3
___ Salonga, "Miss Saigon" actressLEA 3
Ms. ThompsonLEA 3
St. John Telegraph Journal cartoonistLEA 3
U. S. naturalistLEA 3
TV's CarolineLEA 3
TV's ThompsonLEA 3

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