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Answer LAPEL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

part of jacket where buttonhole is often putLAPEL 5
foldLAPEL 5
ReversLAPEL 5
Part of the jacket where the buttonhole is often putLAPEL 5
Awareness ribbon's placeLAPEL 5
Big flap in 1970s fashion?LAPEL 5
Buttonholer's target, perhapsLAPEL 5
Flap in the fashion industryLAPEL 5
Hands-free microphone's placeLAPEL 5
It went wide in the disco eraLAPEL 5
Microphone spot, at timesLAPEL 5
Microphone's spot, oftenLAPEL 5
Place for a clip-on mikeLAPEL 5
Place for a lodge buttonLAPEL 5
Place for a squirting flowerLAPEL 5
Place to pin a squirting flowerLAPEL 5
Place to pin a tiny flagLAPEL 5
Where to put a pin on a jacketLAPEL 5
Boutonniere localeLAPEL 5
Boutonniere locationLAPEL 5
Boutonniere locus with 5 letters
Boutonniere locusLAPEL 5
Boutonniere settingLAPEL 5
Bouton-niere siteLAPEL 5
Boutonniere siteLAPEL 5
Boutonniere's placeLAPEL 5
Boutonniere spotLAPEL 5
Boutonniere's spotLAPEL 5
Buttonhole's localeLAPEL 5
Carnation holderLAPEL 5
Carnation locationLAPEL 5
Coat collar foldLAPEL 5
Collar continuationLAPEL 5
Collar extensionLAPEL 5
Dinner jacket partLAPEL 5
It may be buttonholedLAPEL 5
It's sometimes grabbedLAPEL 5
Name tag locationLAPEL 5
Nehru jacket's lackLAPEL 5
Part of a jacketLAPEL 5
Place for a boutonniereLAPEL 5
Place for a buttonholeLAPEL 5
Place for a carnationLAPEL 5
Place for a carnation.LAPEL 5
Place for a flag pinLAPEL 5
Place for a flowerLAPEL 5
Place for a name tagLAPEL 5
Place for a small flagLAPEL 5
Place for a tiny flagLAPEL 5
Place for some pinsLAPEL 5
Place to pin a corsageLAPEL 5

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