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Answer LANDED – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"The Eagle has ___"LANDED 6
Arrived, as a flightLANDED 6
Arrived, in a wayLANDED 6
Caught, as a fishLANDED 6
Delivered, as a punchLANDED 6
Made a touchdownLANDED 6
Touched the tarmacLANDED 6
Brought (in)LANDED 6
Came ashoreLANDED 6
Came downLANDED 6
Came to earthLANDED 6
Got, as a jobLANDED 6
Hit the dirt?LANDED 6
Hit the groundLANDED 6
Hit the runwayLANDED 6
Hit the tarmacLANDED 6
Like the gentryLANDED 6
Touched downLANDED 6
Arrived at KennedyLANDED 6

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