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Answer LAHR – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1939 classic co-starLAHR 4
1939 co-star of Haley and BolgerLAHR 4
1939 costar of GarlandLAHR 4
''Notes on a Cowardly Lion'' authorLAHR 4
''The Wizard of Oz'' star, BertLAHR 4
"Oz" cast memberLAHR 4
1939 Bolger castmateLAHR 4
1939 Bolger co-starLAHR 4
1939 Garland co-starLAHR 4
"Oz" actorLAHR 4
'Wizard of Oz' cast memberLAHR 4
"Wizard of Oz" costarLAHR 4
"Cowardly Lion" in a filmLAHR 4
"Cowardly Lion" actorLAHR 4
"Cowardly Lion" playerLAHR 4
1964 Tony winner for "Foxy"LAHR 4
"Waiting for Godot" actorLAHR 4
"Waiting For Godot" starLAHR 4
"Oz" lion BertLAHR 4
"Oz" star BertLAHR 4
Oz lion with 4 letters
Oz lionLAHR 4
"Prick Up Your Ears" author JohnLAHR 4
"The Wizard of Oz" actorLAHR 4
"The Wizard of Oz" co-starLAHR 4
"The Wizard of Oz" actor BertLAHR 4
"The Wizard of Oz" lion BertLAHR 4
"The Wizard of Oz" starLAHR 4
"The New Yorker" theater critic JohnLAHR 4
"If I were king of the forest ..." singerLAHR 4
"If I only had a heart" singer BertLAHR 4
"If I Only Had the Nerve" singerLAHR 4
"If I Only Had the Nerve" singer in "The Wizard of Oz"LAHR 4
"If I Only Had the Nerve" singer BertLAHR 4
"If I Were King of the Forest" singerLAHR 4
Actor with the lion's share of a 1939 movie scriptLAHR 4
Bert whose best-known costume weighed 50 poundsLAHR 4
Cat suit wearer in a 1939 classicLAHR 4
He played a cat with no backboneLAHR 4
Memorable comedian, or his biographerLAHR 4
Tony-winning actor in the musical "Foxy" (1964)LAHR 4
Actor whose voice is emulated by Snagglepuss the LionLAHR 4
Actor who roared to fame?LAHR 4
Actor who sang about courageLAHR 4
Bert of stage and screenLAHR 4
Bert, the lion portrayerLAHR 4
Bert who played a cowardly lionLAHR 4
Bert who played a fraidy-cat?LAHR 4
Co-star of a 1939 classicLAHR 4
Garland's "cowardly" co-starLAHR 4
Garland's leonine companionLAHR 4

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