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Answer LAB – Crossword Puzzle Solver

'90s alt-rockers Black ___LAB 3
10-Down's workplaceLAB 3
"Frankenstein" settingLAB 3
"It was so long ago. Remember baby?" Black ___LAB 3
'Bones' settingLAB 3
"Golden" dogLAB 3
"Beat the Boys" experimental band?LAB 3
'Breaking Bad' workplaceLAB 3
'Rocky Horror' roomLAB 3
'Rocky Horror' setLAB 3
"Time Ago" band Black ___LAB 3
"Wash It Away" rockers Black ___LAB 3
"CSI" facilityLAB 3
"CSI" setLAB 3
"CSI" settingLAB 3
'CSI' siteLAB 3
"CSI" workplaceLAB 3
Campus spot for experimenting with drugs?LAB 3
Chocolate-coated treat lover, for shortLAB 3
Chocolate-colored dog, for shortLAB 3
Part of a certain college course with 3 letters
Part of a certain college courseLAB 3
Place for a particle acceleratorLAB 3
Place that may get many reactionsLAB 3
Place where safety goggles may be wornLAB 3
Science course requirement, maybeLAB 3
Where a chemist may spend the dayLAB 3
Where experiments may take placeLAB 3
Where people and rats may coexistLAB 3
Where to find men in white coatsLAB 3
A locale for a physics courseLAB 3
Big, friendly dog, for shortLAB 3
Biotechnologist's workplaceLAB 3
Campus locale, for shortLAB 3
Certain hunting dog, for shortLAB 3
Certain retriever, brieflyLAB 3
Chocolate canine, for shortLAB 3
Chocolate dog, for shortLAB 3
Chocolate retriever, for shortLAB 3
Frankenstein's birthplace?LAB 3
Horror-movie setting, for shortLAB 3
Hunter's chocolate helperLAB 3
It might be chocolate-coatedLAB 3
Large dog breed, brieflyLAB 3
Movie monster's birthplaceLAB 3
One may be yellow or chocolateLAB 3
Part of a science courseLAB 3
Part of a science creditLAB 3
Part of many a psych courseLAB 3
Part of many a science courseLAB 3
Part of some college coursesLAB 3

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