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Answer KNELT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

TebowedKNELT 5
Ran the clock down at the end of a football game, sayKNELT 5
Prepared to be knighted or engagedKNELT 5
Prepared to speak to a tot, maybeKNELT 5
Acknowledged a touchdown like 1-AcrossKNELT 5
Emulated shepherds in a crècheKNELT 5
Got in a praying positionKNELT 5
Got ready in a confessionalKNELT 5
Positioned oneself to prayKNELT 5
Prepared for a knightingKNELT 5
Prepared to propose, perhapsKNELT 5
Short-changed oneself, maybe?KNELT 5
Showed respect, in a wayKNELT 5
Showed reverence, in a wayKNELT 5
Took a position in the service?KNELT 5
Took a religious position?KNELT 5
Used a prayer cushion, e.g.KNELT 5
Awaited a dubbingKNELT 5
Emulated a knightKNELT 5
Got down, in a wayKNELT 5
Got down to be dubbed with 5 letters
Got down to be dubbedKNELT 5
Got down to prayKNELT 5
Got in praying positionKNELT 5
Got on one's kneesKNELT 5
Honored a king, perhapsKNELT 5
Posed to proposeKNELT 5
Prepared for a dubbingKNELT 5
Prepared for a proposalKNELT 5
Prepared for prayerKNELT 5
Prepared to be dubbedKNELT 5
Prepared to be knightedKNELT 5
Prepared to prayKNELT 5
Prepared to pray, sayKNELT 5
Prepared to proposeKNELT 5
Proposed, perhapsKNELT 5
Showed deferenceKNELT 5
Showed great respectKNELT 5
Showed obeisanceKNELT 5
Showed reverenceKNELT 5
Showed subservienceKNELT 5
Took a certain positionKNELT 5
Used a prayer rugKNELT 5
Used a prie dieuKNELT 5
Utilized a prayer rugKNELT 5
Went down, in a wayKNELT 5
Went down to prayKNELT 5
Bent downKNELT 5
Bowed downKNELT 5
CurtsiedKNELT 5
GenuflectedKNELT 5

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