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Answer KNEES – Crossword Puzzle Solver

GenuaKNEES 5
JointsKNEES 5
"The bee's ___" (something exceptional)KNEES 5
"Head, Shoulders, ___ and Toes"KNEES 5
The bee's ___ (the height of excellence)KNEES 5
Attacks below the waist, perhapsKNEES 5
Bottom boundary of the strike zoneKNEES 5
Places where pants are usually worn?KNEES 5
They might offer support in prayerKNEES 5
They're used to slide across the stageKNEES 5
Arthroscopic surgery sitesKNEES 5
Baby supporters, at timesKNEES 5
Bee parts that are really cool?KNEES 5
Benders under the table?KNEES 5
Bottom edge of the strike zoneKNEES 5
Bursitis sites, sometimesKNEES 5
Carpet layers work on themKNEES 5
Gardeners may work on themKNEES 5
Gardeners often work on themKNEES 5
Jeans are often worn hereKNEES 5
Oft-patched clothing parts with 5 letters
Oft-patched clothing partsKNEES 5
On one's ___ (submissive)KNEES 5
People may be down on themKNEES 5
Places for pants patchesKNEES 5
Prayers are often said on themKNEES 5
Risk takers may find them shakyKNEES 5
Sites of osteoarthritic painKNEES 5
Strike zone's lower boundaryKNEES 5
Targets of doctors' hammersKNEES 5
These are bent in orisonsKNEES 5
They provide prayer supportKNEES 5
They're covered with capsKNEES 5
They're often bent when prayingKNEES 5
They're often found under desksKNEES 5
They're placed under desksKNEES 5
They're tucked in a cannonballKNEES 5
What believers may fall onKNEES 5
You may get weak in themKNEES 5
Anatomical hingesKNEES 5
Arthroscopic sitesKNEES 5
Athletes' trouble spotsKNEES 5
Bloke's knappersKNEES 5
Catchers bend themKNEES 5
Charleston twistersKNEES 5
Cheesecake jointsKNEES 5
Croucher's sore spotsKNEES 5
Cypress featuresKNEES 5
Delivers a low blow toKNEES 5
Elbow counterpartsKNEES 5
Elbows' counterpartsKNEES 5

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