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Answer KITE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

FlierKITE 4
Hawk?KITE 4
ElanetKITE 4
"Flying" toyKITE 4
*Forged checkKITE 4
"Go fly a ___!"KITE 4
"Being for the Benefit of Mr. ___!" ("Sgt. Pepper's" song)KITE 4
"The ___ Runner"KITE 4
Box ___KITE 4
VultureKITE 4
1992 U.S. Open champKITE 4
It doesn't get high on calm daysKITE 4
It's found on the end of a stringKITE 4
Letter smuggled past prison censorsKITE 4
The answer is blowin' in the windKITE 4
Toy you might enjoy while runningKITE 4
You don't need a license to fly itKITE 4
Airborne toy with a tailKITE 4
Certain surfer's power sourceKITE 4
Flier on the beach, oftenKITE 4
Flier with a ground connection? with 4 letters
Flier with a ground connection?KITE 4
Franklin experimented with oneKITE 4
Franklin's lightning rodKITE 4
It comes with string attachedKITE 4
It comes with strings attachedKITE 4
Item designed to be blown up?KITE 4
It operates on wind powerKITE 4
It's like a diamond in the skyKITE 4
It's made to be blown upKITE 4
It's often gone with the windKITE 4
Its tail flaps in the windKITE 4
Its tail may flap in the windKITE 4
Member of the hawk familyKITE 4
Toy attached to a stringKITE 4
Toy made to be blown up?KITE 4
Toy sometimes seen on a beachKITE 4
Toy that goes to great heightsKITE 4
Toy that rides on the windKITE 4
Toy with strings attachedKITE 4
A diamond in the skyKITE 4
Box in the sky, perhapsKITE 4
Breeze-catching toyKITE 4
Buzzard's cousinKITE 4
Carnivorous birdKITE 4
Cheat on a checkKITE 4
Child's playthingKITE 4
Commit check fraudKITE 4
Cousin of a hawkKITE 4
Cousin of an eagleKITE 4
Diamond in the sky?KITE 4

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