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Answer KISS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1930 hit "The _____ Waltz"KISS 4
#1 song for PrinceKISS 4
"___ of the Spider Woman"KISS 4
embraceKISS 4
SmoochKISS 4
"___ X"KISS 4
"Thus with a ___ I die": RomeoKISS 4
"Farewell, farewell! One ___ and I'll descend": RomeoKISS 4
"Smack!"KISS 4
"A ___ in the Dark"KISS 4
"Rock and Roll All Night" groupKISS 4
"Rock and Roll All Nite" bandKISS 4
"Sealed With a __" (Brian Hyland hit)KISS 4
"Hotter Than Hell," at one timeKISS 4
SmackerKISS 4
"___ Me, Kate"KISS 4
Popular version of a design principle acronym spelled out by the starts of this puzzle's four longest answersKISS 4
Rock band whose makeup has stayed the same over the yearsKISS 4
Band whose makeup has stayed the same over the years?KISS 4
Band whose frontman claims that rock is deadKISS 4
A stolen item that's often returned with 4 letters
A stolen item that's often returnedKISS 4
Little chocolate wrapped in foilKISS 4
Request of a frog in a fairy taleKISS 4
Slight ball contact, in billiardsKISS 4
Stolen item that's often returnedKISS 4
Acknowledge mistletoe overheadKISS 4
Barely touch, on a pool tableKISS 4
Do mouth-to-mouth recreation?KISS 4
Fairy-tale frog transformerKISS 4
Flamboyant band since the '70sKISS 4
Glancing contact, in billiardsKISS 4
It can be stolen or plantedKISS 4
It might be stolen in the darkKISS 4
Light contact in billiardsKISS 4
One often involves four lipsKISS 4
Oversized chocolate chipKISS 4
Plant one on, so to speakKISS 4
Post office get-togetherKISS 4
Show affection, in a wayKISS 4
Touch lightly, in billiardsKISS 4
X, in a letter's closingKISS 4
Prince song with the line "You don't have to be beautiful to turn me on"KISS 4
Rodin sculpture with TheKISS 4
A carom in billiardsKISS 4
Affectionate greetingKISS 4
Affectionate smackKISS 4
Alive! rock groupKISS 4
Billiard contactKISS 4
Bridegroom's buss fareKISS 4
Chocolate tidbitKISS 4

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