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Answer KAHN – Crossword Puzzle Solver

''Blazing Saddles'' actressKAHN 4
''Young Frankenstein'' co-starKAHN 4
"Clue" actressKAHN 4
"Clue" actress MadelineKAHN 4
'Blazing Saddles' cast memberKAHN 4
"Blazing Saddles" actress MadelineKAHN 4
"Blazing Saddles" Oscar nominee MadelineKAHN 4
"Makin' Whoopee" lyricistKAHN 4
"Makin' Whoopee" songwriterKAHN 4
"Makin' Whoopee" lyricist GusKAHN 4
'Young Frankenstein' cast memberKAHN 4
"Young Frankenstein" actressKAHN 4
"Young Frankenstein" costarKAHN 4
"Paper Moon" actress MadelineKAHN 4
"Ain't We Got Fun" lyricistKAHN 4
'Ain't We Got Fun?' pennerKAHN 4
"Love Me or Leave Me" lyricist GusKAHN 4
"Yes Sir, That's My Baby" songwriterKAHN 4
"The Boys of Summer" author RogerKAHN 4
"It Had to Be You" lyricistKAHN 4
"It Had to Be You" lyricist Gus with 4 letters
"It Had to Be You" lyricist GusKAHN 4
2002 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball winner OliverKAHN 4
Gus ___, subject of the 1951 biopic "I'll See You in My Dreams"KAHN 4
Gus who wrote the words to "Makin' Whoopee"KAHN 4
Madeline in the moviesKAHN 4
Madeline of funny filmsKAHN 4
Madeline of moviesKAHN 4
Madeline of the moviesKAHN 4
Madeline who made Boyle boil in "Young Frankenstein"KAHN 4
Movies' memorable MadelineKAHN 4
Longtime sportswriter RogerKAHN 4
Roger who wrote "The Boys of Summer"KAHN 4
Broadway lyricist GusKAHN 4
Songwriter/lyricist GusKAHN 4
Sportswriter/editor RogerKAHN 4
Madeline who played Lili Von ShtuppKAHN 4
Met benefactorKAHN 4
Comedienne MadelineKAHN 4
Politician Dominique Strauss-___ in 2011 scandal newsKAHN 4
She played Lili Von ShtuppKAHN 4
Architect LouisKAHN 4
Author of "The Boys of Summer"KAHN 4
Gus who wrote "Dream a Little Dream of Me"KAHN 4
Futurist, HermannKAHN 4
She was a Delight in "Paper Moon"KAHN 4
Gus ___, "Ain't We Got Fun" lyricistKAHN 4
Madeline from BostonKAHN 4
Oscar nominee MadelineKAHN 4
France's Dominique Strauss-___KAHN 4
Madeline in "Clue"KAHN 4

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