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Answer JOKE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

playfully teaseJOKE 4
gambolJOKE 4
81 Down preceder, oftenJOKE 4
''Funny ___''JOKE 4
"[Gag!]"JOKE 4
"A guy walks into a bar ..." may start oneJOKE 4
"A man walks into a bar" story, oftenJOKE 4
Bon motJOKE 4
Kid-___JOKE 4
"Last Comic Standing" offeringJOKE 4
Word that may follow the start of 20-, 25-, 44- or 50-AcrossJOKE 4
It may be practical or delivered in a nightclubJOKE 4
It may start with someone entering a barJOKE 4
It may be delivered at a nightclubJOKE 4
Bit of a laughing stock?JOKE 4
It may begin with a buildupJOKE 4
It often takes place in a barJOKE 4
It's bad when nobody gets itJOKE 4
One may be running over timeJOKE 4
One often takes place in a bar with 4 letters
One often takes place in a barJOKE 4
Part of a stand-up routineJOKE 4
Ridiculously inadequate thingJOKE 4
Absurd situationJOKE 4
A good one is crackedJOKE 4
Bit of funny businessJOKE 4
Cause for winkingJOKE 4
Comedy club offeringJOKE 4
Comic's deliveryJOKE 4
Dangerfield productJOKE 4
Delivery at a nightclubJOKE 4
It has a punch lineJOKE 4
It may be insideJOKE 4
It may be practicalJOKE 4
It might be practicalJOKE 4
It's best when crackedJOKE 4
It's just for laughsJOKE 4
Knee-slapper, e.g.JOKE 4
Knock knock e.g.JOKE 4
Knock-knock, for oneJOKE 4
Laughing matter?JOKE 4
Leno monologue bitJOKE 4
Monologue componentJOKE 4
One-liner, for oneJOKE 4
Part of a routineJOKE 4
Practical thing?JOKE 4
Speechmaker's openingJOKE 4
Stand-up offeringJOKE 4
Stand-up's deliveryJOKE 4
Toastmaster's offeringJOKE 4

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