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Answer JFK – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2015 dollar coin subject, for shortJFK 3
1950s-'60s political inits.JFK 3
1991 film directed by 1-AcrossJFK 3
2004 campaign monogramJFK 3
"Camelot" president, for shortJFK 3
"Camelot" president's monogramJFK 3
1991 Sutherland movieJFK 3
1991 Best Picture nomineeJFK 3
1991 Oliver Stone filmJFK 3
35th U.S. pres.JFK 3
NYC hubJFK 3
Big initials in conspiracy theoriesJFK 3
He was slain six yrs. after winning a PulitzerJFK 3
Queens airport, familiarlyJFK 3
He died on the same day as C. S. LewisJFK 3
Traveler's alternative to 90-DownJFK 3
Airport formerly called IdlewildJFK 3
Where to see a touchdown in N.Y.JFK 3
Assassination filmJFK 3
Camelot monogramJFK 3
Half-buck coin figure with 3 letters
Half-buck coin figureJFK 3
Place with runways and VIP lounges in NYCJFK 3
Cab destination for a NYC touristJFK 3
Idlewild, todayJFK 3
Intl. air hubJFK 3
Stone filmJFK 3
Stone pictureJFK 3
Stone workJFK 3
Alternative to Newark or La GuardiaJFK 3
Film taglined "The Story That Won't Go Away"JFK 3
Alternative to La Guardia or Newark, in briefJFK 3
Alternative to LGAJFK 3
Idlewild Airport, todayJFK 3
Place for an N.Y.C. touchdown?JFK 3
He defeated RMNJFK 3
Yellowcard "Martin Sheen or ___"JFK 3
Defeater of R.M.N.JFK 3
It was Idlewild until 12/24/63JFK 3
Oliver Stone epicJFK 3
Oliver Stone filmJFK 3
See 2-DownJFK 3
Devo "The Spirit of ___"JFK 3
John Williams film score of '91JFK 3
Only US president to receive both a Purple Heart and a Pulitzer PrizeJFK 3
LaGuardia alternative, familiarlyJFK 3
N.Y.C. airportJFK 3
NY destinationJFK 3
NYC visitor's final destination, perhapsJFK 3
NYC cab destinationJFK 3
NYC departure placeJFK 3

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