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Answer IVES – Crossword Puzzle Solver

" . . . going to St. ___"IVES 4
''Blue Tail Fly'' singerIVES 4
"Concord" sonata composerIVES 4
"Concord" composerIVES 4
"Variations on 'America'" composerIVES 4
1947 Pulitzer composerIVES 4
1958 Oscar winner for "The Big Country"IVES 4
"Universe Symphony" composerIVES 4
"Venus in Fur" playwright DavidIVES 4
"Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" narrator BurlIVES 4
"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" actor BurlIVES 4
"Harvest Festival" composerIVES 4
"Concord Sonata" composer CharlesIVES 4
"Central Park in the Dark" composerIVES 4
"Frosty the Snowman" singer BurlIVES 4
1958 Oscar winner BurlIVES 4
"Three Places in New England" composerIVES 4
"Three Places in New England" composer CharlesIVES 4
"Funny Way of Laughin'" singer, 1962IVES 4
'Holly Jolly Christmas' singerIVES 4
"Blue Tail Fly" singer Burl with 4 letters
"Blue Tail Fly" singer BurlIVES 4
"The Unanswered Question" composer, 1908IVES 4
"The Celestial Country" composerIVES 4
"The Camp Meeting" composerIVES 4
"The Camp Meeting" composer CharlesIVES 4
"The Big Country" Oscar winner BurlIVES 4
"Big Daddy" Burl of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"IVES 4
"As I was going to St. ___ . . . "IVES 4
"As I was going to St. _____..."IVES 4
"As I was going to St. ___ "IVES 4
"A Little Bitty Tear" hit maker, 1962IVES 4
"A Little Bitty Tear" hitmaker, 1962IVES 4
"A Little Bitty Tear" singer, 1962IVES 4
"A Little Bitty Tear" singerIVES 4
"A Little Bitty Tear" singer BurlIVES 4
"O For a Thousand Tongues" composerIVES 4
"A Holly Jolly Christmas" singerIVES 4
American composer who pioneered in polytonalityIVES 4
Composer who was an accomplished pianistIVES 4
Frederic who invented halftone photoengravingIVES 4
First major publisher of board games in the U.S.IVES 4
Currier's partner in lithographyIVES 4
One of a noted lithographing pairIVES 4
St. ___, place in a children's rhymeIVES 4
American composer: 1874-1954IVES 4
Currier's lithography partnerIVES 4
Currier's printmaking companionIVES 4
Famous name in lithographyIVES 4
Noted 19th-century lithographerIVES 4
Noted name in lithographyIVES 4

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