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Answer ITEMIZE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Maximize one's return, sayITEMIZE 7
Choose a tax optionITEMIZE 7
List, as deductionsITEMIZE 7
List individuallyITEMIZE 7
List on a tax formITEMIZE 7
One way to reduce taxesITEMIZE 7
CatalogueITEMIZE 7
Go into detailITEMIZE 7
InventoryITEMIZE 7
List in detailITEMIZE 7
Put on a listITEMIZE 7
Run down?ITEMIZE 7
Fill out a Schedule AITEMIZE 7
Fill out Schedule AITEMIZE 7
Complete the I.R.S.'s Schedule AITEMIZE 7
Use Schedule AITEMIZE 7

Using the Tool

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