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Answer IRONY – Crossword Puzzle Solver

15-Across with a twistIRONY 5
"The gaiety of reflection and the joy of wisdom," per Anatole FranceIRONY 5
"Seinfeld" specialtyIRONY 5
"Hipster Handbook" subjectIRONY 5
"Oedipus Rex" literary deviceIRONY 5
"Gulliver's Travels" featureIRONY 5
AsteismIRONY 5
FerrousIRONY 5
ParadoxIRONY 5
SarcasmIRONY 5
"The Gift of the Magi" deviceIRONY 5
"The Gift of the Magi" featureIRONY 5
"The Gift of the Magi" qualityIRONY 5
"The Wizard of Oz" deviceIRONY 5
"The Twilight Zone" plot deviceIRONY 5
Socratic ___ (feigned ignorance in a discussion)IRONY 5
Literary technique involving incongruityIRONY 5
Something said with the opposite impliedIRONY 5
A fire station burning down, e.g.IRONY 5
Apt twist of fate, in literatureIRONY 5
Socratic ___ (pretended ignorance) with 5 letters
Socratic ___ (pretended ignorance)IRONY 5
The fire station burned down, e.g.IRONY 5
What air quotes sometimes indicateIRONY 5
Device of the wryly humorousIRONY 5
Double-edged literary deviceIRONY 5
Employment agency layoff, e.g.IRONY 5
Hipster's sartorial toolIRONY 5
Humorous literary techniqueIRONY 5
Humor with a twist, perhapsIRONY 5
It's lost on some peopleIRONY 5
It's not to be taken literallyIRONY 5
Much-misunderstood writingIRONY 5
Overused humor techniqueIRONY 5
Sardonic literary deviceIRONY 5
Sardonic literary tacticIRONY 5
Literary device much used by O. HenryIRONY 5
Device commonly used in "The Twilight Zone"IRONY 5
A literary incongruityIRONY 5
Certain literary deviceIRONY 5
Common literary deviceIRONY 5
Dissimulation of a sortIRONY 5
Double-edged humorIRONY 5
Feature of many fablesIRONY 5
Form of sarcasm, e.g.IRONY 5
Humor not for dummiesIRONY 5
Humor with a twistIRONY 5
It can feature a twistIRONY 5
It features a twistIRONY 5
It may be dramaticIRONY 5
It may be poeticIRONY 5

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