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Answer IRIS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Flower whose name comes from the Greek for "rainbow"IRIS 4
A pupil's in the center of itIRIS 4
Attraction for a butterflyIRIS 4
Blackberry lily's familyIRIS 4
Bloom that may be beardedIRIS 4
Bloom with droopy sepalsIRIS 4
Circle covered by a corneaIRIS 4
Color also known as endive blueIRIS 4
Colored portion of the eyeIRIS 4
Colorful part of the eyeIRIS 4
Coloured part of the eyeIRIS 4
Cornea and lens neighborIRIS 4
Eye part containing the pupilIRIS 4
Fleur-de-lis, symbolicallyIRIS 4
Flower on some coats of armsIRIS 4
Flower or part of the eyeIRIS 4
Flower that's also a nameIRIS 4
Greek goddess of the rainbowIRIS 4
Greek messenger of the godsIRIS 4
It allows light into the eyeIRIS 4
It controls a pupil's size with 4 letters
It controls a pupil's sizeIRIS 4
It may be blue, brown or greenIRIS 4
It's in the eye of the beholderIRIS 4
It's surrounded by whiteIRIS 4
It's usually blue or brownIRIS 4
Light regulator in the eyeIRIS 4
Mythical rainbow goddessIRIS 4
Photographer's diaphragmIRIS 4
Plant with sword-shaped leavesIRIS 4
Pupillary sphincter locationIRIS 4
Rainbowlike play of colorsIRIS 4
Scene-closing movie effectIRIS 4
Something to look throughIRIS 4
Spring or early summer flowerIRIS 4
Tennessee's state flowerIRIS 4
Where eye color comes fromIRIS 4
You can see right through itIRIS 4
One of many in an 1889 van Gogh paintingIRIS 4
You might turn it red for Halloween with a contact lensIRIS 4
Crime and romance writer JohansenIRIS 4
Component of many a van Gogh paintingIRIS 4
Bit of eye makeup?IRIS 4
Blackberry lily, e.g.IRIS 4
Bloom with a beardIRIS 4
Blue flag, for oneIRIS 4
Blue or yellow flagIRIS 4
Brightly-colored flowerIRIS 4
Bulb output, maybeIRIS 4
Camera componentIRIS 4
Camera diaphragmIRIS 4

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