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Answer IRE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

You may raise someone's by being a jerkIRE 3
You might direct yours at someoneIRE 3
Its root is pride, according to ChaucerIRE 3
Blood pressure raiser, perhapsIRE 3
Cause of some explosionsIRE 3
Feeling that might be arousedIRE 3
Frustration, carried furtherIRE 3
Frustration might cause itIRE 3
Hothead's feeling, oftenIRE 3
Hotness under the collarIRE 3
It can lead to fisticuffsIRE 3
It disturbs one's equilibriumIRE 3
It may be drawn in a fightIRE 3
It may be raised in an argumentIRE 3
It may be raised in a rowIRE 3
It may make the face turn redIRE 3
It might lead to yellingIRE 3
Mad-as-all-get-out stateIRE 3
Opposite of reggae feeling?IRE 3
Outcome of severe annoyanceIRE 3
Result of getting worked up with 3 letters
Result of getting worked upIRE 3
Result of raising hacklesIRE 3
Something raised by agitatorsIRE 3
Something that's worked upIRE 3
Tantrum thrower's emotionIRE 3
Unpleasant thing to evokeIRE 3
Unpleasant thing to incurIRE 3
Unpleasant thing to invokeIRE 3
Act of seeing redIRE 3
Angry man's emotionIRE 3
Argumentative stateIRE 3
Asp or vamp followerIRE 3
Bad thing to invokeIRE 3
Blarney stone loc.IRE 3
Blood pressure raiserIRE 3
Bring to a boil?IRE 3
Burning sensation?IRE 3
Cause of a duel, maybeIRE 3
Cause of an explosionIRE 3
Cause of a red face?IRE 3
Cause of shoutingIRE 3
Choleric emotionIRE 3
Dublin is its cap.IRE 3
Dublin's land (abbr.)IRE 3
Emotion of angerIRE 3
Emotion of the miffedIRE 3
Employ a cockneyIRE 3
Explosion producerIRE 3
Extreme sorenessIRE 3
Feeling of angerIRE 3

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