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Answer INSET – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ initial: large-type first character of a book chapterINSET 5
GussetINSET 5
Map aidINSET 5
Map boxINSET 5
MinimapINSET 5
City center on an atlas, perhapsINSET 5
Hawaii's spot in an atlas, oftenINSET 5
Picture with a different scale, sayINSET 5
Alaska on a map, sometimesINSET 5
Atlas enlargement, oftenINSET 5
City map on a state map, e.g.INSET 5
Hawaii, on a map, sometimesINSET 5
Hawaii's location, in atlasesINSET 5
Illustrator's enlargementINSET 5
It's blown up for viewingINSET 5
Map surrounded by anotherINSET 5
Picture of greater detailINSET 5
Picture within a picture?INSET 5
Small map in a larger oneINSET 5
Small map within a larger mapINSET 5
Small overlaid map or picture with 5 letters
Small overlaid map or pictureINSET 5
Where many an island is foundINSET 5
Hawaii, often, on a map of the U.S.INSET 5
Atlas amplificationINSET 5
Atlas detail, perhapsINSET 5
Atlas enlargementINSET 5
Blown-up area on a mapINSET 5
Blown-up map partINSET 5
Blowup, of a sortINSET 5
Boxed-off map sectionINSET 5
Cartographer's blowupINSET 5
Cartographer's close-upINSET 5
Cartographic close-upINSET 5
Cartographic closeupINSET 5
Cartographic detailINSET 5
Cartographic extraINSET 5
Cartography closeupINSET 5
Close-up area on a mapINSET 5
Double-boiler partINSET 5
Enlarged area on a mapINSET 5
Enlarged part of a mapINSET 5
Enlargement, maybeINSET 5
Feature of an atlasINSET 5
Feature of many a ringINSET 5
Garment additionINSET 5
Gore in a garmentINSET 5
Hawaii, on many a mapINSET 5
Hawaii, on many mapsINSET 5
Highlighted map areaINSET 5
Kind of atlas mapINSET 5

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