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Answer INEDIBLE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Like mudpies and wax fruitINEDIBLE 8
Like poisonous mushroomsINEDIBLE 8
Worse than awful, foodwiseINEDIBLE 8
Burnt to a crisp, sayINEDIBLE 8
Not fit for consumptionINEDIBLE 8
Not fit to be eatenINEDIBLE 8
Not fit to gobbleINEDIBLE 8
Not fit to serveINEDIBLE 8
Not for degustationINEDIBLE 8
Spoiled, as foodINEDIBLE 8
Unfit for consumptionINEDIBLE 8
Unfit for eatingINEDIBLE 8
Awful tastingINEDIBLE 8
Like wax fruitINEDIBLE 8
Spoiled ____INEDIBLE 8
Unfit to eatINEDIBLE 8
Unfit to ingestINEDIBLE 8
Like Osage orangesINEDIBLE 8

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