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Answer IMAC – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Machine that bears fruit?IMAC 4
Technology debut of 1998IMAC 4
Computer that comes with a Mighty MouseIMAC 4
Computer that once came in Bondi BlueIMAC 4
Computer that comes with ThunderboltIMAC 4
Its first model came in "Bondi blue"IMAC 4
Computer that comes with GarageBandIMAC 4
Desktop that comes with GarageBandIMAC 4
Adjustable computerIMAC 4
All-in-one computerIMAC 4
Apple best sellerIMAC 4
Apple bestsellerIMAC 4
Apple core productIMAC 4
Apple debut of 1998IMAC 4
Apple desktop computerIMAC 4
Apple for the teacher?IMAC 4
Apple in a classroomIMAC 4
Apple not for eatingIMAC 4
Apple not from a treeIMAC 4
Apple of many colorsIMAC 4
Apple on a desk, maybe with 4 letters
Apple on a desk, maybeIMAC 4
Apple on one's deskIMAC 4
Apple on the desk?IMAC 4
Apple productionIMAC 4
Apple that's high-techIMAC 4
Apple that's plugged inIMAC 4
Apple with a tiny core?IMAC 4
Apple with jacksIMAC 4
Apple with pizazzIMAC 4
Apple with some colorIMAC 4
Big name in desktopsIMAC 4
Candy-colored computerIMAC 4
Colorful computerIMAC 4
Colorful desktopIMAC 4
Computer debut of 1998IMAC 4
Computer since 1998IMAC 4
Desktop since 1998IMAC 4
Dimension alternativeIMAC 4
Jobs offering of 1998IMAC 4
Mavericks runnerIMAC 4
New product of 1998IMAC 4
Popular computerIMAC 4
Positionable computerIMAC 4
Product since 1998IMAC 4
Thunderbolt machineIMAC 4
Computer introduced by Steve JobsIMAC 4
Alternative to 28 AcrossIMAC 4
Computer with an iSight cameraIMAC 4
It comes with the Mighty MouseIMAC 4
Computer that may use Snow LeopardIMAC 4

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