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7-Down houseIGLOO 5
"Nanook of the North" constructionIGLOO 5
"Nanook of the North" abodeIGLOO 5
"Nanook of the North" dwellingIGLOO 5
"Nanook of the North" siteIGLOO 5
Ice hutIGLOO 5
Overly air-conditioned room, facetiouslyIGLOO 5
Place where one can come home and chill?IGLOO 5
Home unlikely to have air-conditioningIGLOO 5
Aptly named cooler brandIGLOO 5
Cold home heated by a qulliqIGLOO 5
Home that may include a tunnelIGLOO 5
Home under the midnight sunIGLOO 5
Home without a refrigeratorIGLOO 5
Home with white, cold wallsIGLOO 5
House that won't catch fireIGLOO 5
It'll give you cold comfortIGLOO 5
It's made with ice cubesIGLOO 5
Kid's sugar-cube creationIGLOO 5
One-room house, typically with 5 letters
One-room house, typicallyIGLOO 5
Warm home, as it happensIGLOO 5
Warm house, impressivelyIGLOO 5
Alaskan's domed homeIGLOO 5
All-natural abodeIGLOO 5
An ice place to live?IGLOO 5
A summer house it's notIGLOO 5
Cold-climate housingIGLOO 5
Cold-water flat?IGLOO 5
Cold-weather housingIGLOO 5
Cold weather quartersIGLOO 5
Cool place to live?IGLOO 5
Digs in the ice?IGLOO 5
Digs in the snow?IGLOO 5
Dome-shaped abodeIGLOO 5
Dome-shaped dwellingIGLOO 5
Dome-shaped homeIGLOO 5
Dome-shaped houseIGLOO 5
Dome-shaped structureIGLOO 5
Domical domicileIGLOO 5
Hardly a summer houseIGLOO 5
Hemispherical homeIGLOO 5
Hemispherical houseIGLOO 5
Home in the 49thIGLOO 5
Home made of blocksIGLOO 5
Home out in the coldIGLOO 5
Home that's a domeIGLOO 5
Home that's domedIGLOO 5
Home with a domeIGLOO 5
Home with a domed roofIGLOO 5

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