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What a getaway car may be waiting inIDLE 4
What a successful rocker can be?IDLE 4
Word before "gossip" or "chatter"IDLE 4
Word with curiosity or speculationIDLE 4
Away from a chat program, sayIDLE 4
Barely run, as an engineIDLE 4
Cause a screen saver to startIDLE 4
Causing a screen saver to startIDLE 4
Gathering dust, so to speakIDLE 4
Groundless, as speculationIDLE 4
Have the car running in placeIDLE 4
Having time on one's handsIDLE 4
Insignificant, as chatterIDLE 4
Insignificant, as gossipIDLE 4
Just hanging, so to speakIDLE 4
Just twiddling one's thumbsIDLE 4
Just twiddling the thumbsIDLE 4
Keep the engine running in parkIDLE 4
Leave the engine runningIDLE 4
Like an ineffective threatIDLE 4
Like a slacker between albums with 4 letters
Like a slacker between albumsIDLE 4
Like hands the devil usesIDLE 4
Like hands, when not rockingIDLE 4
Like inconsequential talkIDLE 4
Like one who's taking fiveIDLE 4
Like some gossip or handsIDLE 4
Like someone taking fiveIDLE 4
Not doing much of anythingIDLE 4
Not doing much right nowIDLE 4
Not scheduled to competeIDLE 4
Park with the engine runningIDLE 4
Run while standing stillIDLE 4
Sit at a traffic light, perhapsIDLE 4
Taking a break from workIDLE 4
Wait for a light, perhapsIDLE 4
Wait for the green lightIDLE 4
Wait for the light to changeIDLE 4
Waiting for an assignmentIDLE 4
Warming the bench, maybeIDLE 4
Word with "gossip" or "chatter"IDLE 4
Like hands co-opted by the Devil?IDLE 4
Eric who wrote the book for "Spamalot"IDLE 4
Aimless; pointlessIDLE 4
An anagram for deliIDLE 4
Auto mechanic's concernIDLE 4
Barely run the engineIDLE 4
Baseless, as a threatIDLE 4
Between activitiesIDLE 4
Between assignmentsIDLE 4
Between engagementsIDLE 4

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