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Answer HOSE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

57-Down carrierHOSE 4
CheatHOSE 4
SocksHOSE 4
NylonsHOSE 4
ArgylesHOSE 4
LegwearHOSE 4
More powerful alternative to a watering canHOSE 4
Request made while pointing at a display caseHOSE 4
It may be coiled, but it never strikesHOSE 4
It may wind up at the side of the houseHOSE 4
It may wind up on the side of a houseHOSE 4
Something that winds up with homeownersHOSE 4
What comes out if club gets too hot?HOSE 4
Alternative to a watering canHOSE 4
Auto-radiator attachmentHOSE 4
Firefighter's requirementHOSE 4
Hagfish song about water?HOSE 4
It may run if it gets caughtHOSE 4
It may wind up around the houseHOSE 4
It may wind up in a yard with 4 letters
It may wind up in a yardHOSE 4
It may wind up in your backyardHOSE 4
It might fill a kiddie poolHOSE 4
It might wind up in the yardHOSE 4
It often winds up in a yardHOSE 4
It snakes through the gardenHOSE 4
Outdoor faucet attachmentHOSE 4
Plus-fours accompanimentHOSE 4
Sixth word in the ladderHOSE 4
Sprinkler attachment, oftenHOSE 4
Thoroughly wet, with "down"HOSE 4
Water may flow through itHOSE 4
Women hate it when they runHOSE 4
Word with "fire" or "garden"HOSE 4
Word with ''panty'' or ''fire''HOSE 4
Wound-up fire engine itemHOSE 4
You may work out its kinksHOSE 4
Car engine connectionHOSE 4
Car radiator partHOSE 4
Coil in a gardenHOSE 4
Coil in the yardHOSE 4
Coil on a fire truckHOSE 4
Conductor of liquidHOSE 4
Diving bell attachmentHOSE 4
Doublet's companionHOSE 4
Doublet's partnerHOSE 4
Drench, in a wayHOSE 4
Drench, with "down"HOSE 4
Engine attachmentHOSE 4
Extinguisher attachmentHOSE 4

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